A bit about me...
  1. I am a design monk, artist, writer and graphic designer working for
    a greener future.
  2. I feel very fortunate to have gone to both a great super-cerebral fine art institution
    and an excellent-kick-butt design school.
  3. I formally studied painting, industrial design, and experimental film.
  4. Currently I live in Northern California and freelance as a Web, Graphic and
    User Interface Visual Designer.
  5. I've collaborated on a number of fun and awesome projects! Some of my
    favorite projects include a logo design for Imageteq, a brochure for ODC designs
    for both the 2008 and 2009 Marin History Museum exhibitions and Facebook Gifts for Virtual Greats.
  6. When I'm not designing, I'm writing a novel on the environment
  7. Want to know more? Shoot me an email, would love to meet you!